Mario was created out of necessity by Shigeru Miyamoto after Nintendo lost the license to create a video game based on the Popeye universe. The designers kept the gameplay, but created a new cast of characters. Mario assumed Popeye's role, and the game was released as the arcade version of Donkey Kong. In this game, he was referred to as "Jumpman."

Jumpman was renamed Mario when an employee at Nintendo of America's office in New York City pointed out the similar physical appearances of Mario and Nintendo's Italian landlord, Mario Segali. This connection was made when an ill-tempered Segali burst in on a meeting to collect rent. The purpose of the meeting was to find a better name for Jumpman.

Since then, Mario has appeared in nearly every title in the Super Mario series. In addition, he has appeared in multiple television programs, direct-to-video releases, comic books, and even a feature film. He is currently one of the most recognisable fictional characters in the world. Mario also has a really and he has a huge huge huge crush on princess peach


Birth and DeliveryEdit

Baby marioballon

Baby Mario floats, attached to balloons.

Main article: Baby Mario

Baby Mario and his brother, Baby Luigi, were flown to Mushroom World by the stork. However, Kamek, fearing the Star Children would ruin the plans of the Koopa Troop, attacked the stork and managed to kidnap Luigi but left Mario to plummet towards Yoshi's Island in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. By chance, Yoshi was walking below and softened Mario's fall. Confused at the baby's presence, Yoshi consulted his friends and they worked out a plan to trek across the island in an effort to return Mario to his parents.

However, the Koopa Troop soon realized that they had only stolen one of the babies and set out to procure the second one. Mario and the Yoshis were forced to contend not only with the harsh terrain of the island, but also with Kamek's forces, including the Toadies. These minions attempted to steal Baby Mario whenever he fell off of a Yoshi's back. However, thanks to the power of the Stars Yoshi and his friends collected throughout their adventures, Mario was kept safe inside of a bubble until rescued by one of the Yoshis. Baby Mario was able to help in the fight when Yoshi or one of his friends collected a Super Star, turning Mario into Super Baby Mario for a short time.

Finally, the Yoshis confronted Kamek and faced off against his leader, Baby Bowser. Defeating him, the Yoshis discovered Baby Luigi and the Stork and rescued them. The Stork took both babies up into the air and delivered them to their mother and father, who were completely unaware of their babies' status as Star Children or the trials that awaited them. These events formed the premise for Yoshi Touch & Go. How the events of the video game factor into the story is unconfirmed.

In "Plumbers Academy," Mario claimed that he was born with a plunger in his hand. Luigi stated that it was hard on their mother. Mario proved to be a hassle for his parents, as described in "Family Album "The Early Years"." Among the issues his parents had with him, Mario once broke the sink with a wrench while his mother was giving him a bath. Mario's hair grew out to its adult length very quickly.

Early AdventuresEdit

When Mario was a little older, Kamek and his Toadies made a second attempt to ensure a safe future for the Koopa Troop in Yoshi's Island DS. They kidnapped countless babies, searching for all of the Star Children. Mario and Luigi were taken from their home in the night as their parents cried out for them, unable to stop the kidnapping. However, the Stork noticed Kamek and his Toadies taking away several babies. He attacked the Toady holding Mario. The Toady panicked and dropped Mario, who fell again towards Yoshi's Island. Yoshi and his friends again found the baby and sought to defeat the Koopa Troop one more time. In the process, they learned to utilize the abilities Mario granted to the Yoshi he rode on. They found Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Wario, and Baby Bowser along the way, all of whom worked with the Yoshis to defeat the Koopa Troop. As they progressed, Bowser traveled from the future to assist his Koopa Troop of the past. The Yoshis were able to defeat him with the help of the babies. Mario was returned to his parents alongside his brother and the family was reunited.

Later in Mario's early life, after he had outgrown his diaper, he and his brother came to know Baby Peach. The three became good friends and playmates. One day, Toadsworth the Younger requested the Mario Bros. presence at Princess Peach's Castle in order to calm one of Baby Peach's fits. However, shortly after they arrived at the castle, Baby Bowser made a second attempt to kidnap the princess. Baby Mario attacked and defeated him. Coincidentally, the Shroobs began their attack on the Mushroom Kingdom chronicled in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time immediately after. The extraterrestrials made an assault on Princess Peach's Castle. Baby Bowser called for Kamek to send the Koopa Cruiser and when it arrived, he gathered Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toadsworth onto it and flew them away from Toad Town and towards Bowser's Castle.

As they passed over Hollijolli Village, they noticed that it was under Shroob attack, and two humans were under attack. Princess Peach bawled until Bowser defeated the Shroobs with cannonballs and landed. Baby Mario and Luigi approached the figures, who looked as though they were older versions of themselves. They were Mario and Luigi of the future, traveling back to rescue Princess Peach, who had time traveled recreationally in E. Gadd's Time Machine and not come back when the machine returned. However, their meeting was cut short by a second wave of Shroobs. The four entered the Koopa Cruiser and Baby Bowser continued the journey towards his castle. The Shroobs pursued until the airship made a crash-landing into the castle.

Baby Mario was thrown from the wreckage alongside his brother. Their older selves encountered them shortly thereafter, taking the babies with them on their backs. Eventually, they came to a Time Hole to the future, and the four traveled to Princess Peach's Castle through it, followed by Toadsworth and Peach.

Baby Mario continued his adventure with his older self and the two versions of his brother, challenging the reign of the Shroobs by traveling back and forth from the present, where the Shroobs ruled, and the future, where the Shroobs had been defeated. After collecting all of the Cobalt Star shards, the Mario Bros. made an assault on Shroob Castle, the Shroobified Princess Peach's Castle. Defeating both Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob and securing a future safe from the Shroobs, the four returned to the future, where the babies and Toadstworth the Younger bid farewell to their older selves and returned to the present, where Baby Mario and Luigi were reunited with their parents.

Growing up in BrooklynEdit

At some point before he reached maturity, Mario's parents moved the family to Brooklyn, NY. The reason for this was unknown.

As Mario grew older, he continued to be mischievous with his parents as shown in "Family Album "The Early Years"." He pulled tricks on his father, such as filling his pipe with bubbly soap. Mario also was mean to his little brother, Luigi. However, Mario began showing signs of his now famous skills. His strength was demonstrated when he played on the neighborhood softball league, leading in home runs even though he played using his "lucky bat," a plunger. Additionally, his pranks were frequently related to plumbing, and Mario early on showed his affinity for and his ability to use tools.

Encounters with Donkey KongEdit


Mario battles Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong.

After he became an adult, Mario worked as a carpenter. He began a romantic relationship with a young woman named Pauline and came to own Cranky Kong (then known as Donkey Kong), a Kong kidnapped from his jungle home. Mario opened a small circus act featuring the ape during the events of Donkey Kong Circus.

Mario mistreated DK, and one night while Mario was out on a date with Pauline, Donkey Kong escaped from his cage and kidnapped Pauline in front of Mario in Donkey Kong. Slinging Pauline across his back, DK ascended the metal girders of a construction site in Big Ape City on Donkey Kong Island. When Mario pursued, the ape began throwing barrels at him and rolling them down the structure. Mario jumped over and dodged the barrels and other hazards of the structure as he approached, picking up the umbrella and purse Pauline had dropped along the way.

Each time Mario reached Donkey Kong, he would sling Pauline across his shoulders once more and climb higher. After he had done this three times, Mario cornered Donkey Kong at the top of the structure. Donkey Kong fell, and it appeared that Pauline was safe. However, the ape quickly recovered in Donkey Kong, kidnapped Pauline once more, and fled to a variety of locations around Earth. During the flight, Donkey Kong Jr., the modern-day Donkey Kong, attempted to stop Mario. However, Jr. failed. Donkey Kong, after growing to great proportions upon consuming several Super Mushrooms was defeated by Mario on the top of another tower. Eventually, Mario and Pauline then found themselves in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Pauline introduced him to a Super Mushroom. Suddenly, Donkey Kong fell from the sky and landed on Mario, but Super Mario emerged, kidnapping Donkey Kong.[1] Rather than continue he and DK's circus act, Mario instead only wished to ensure that Donkey Kong would not return to kidnap Pauline. Mario took him to a deep and dangerous jungle and imprisoned him in a cage, as seen in Donkey Kong Jr.. Seeing his chance to rescue his father, Donkey Kong Jr. challenged Mario and unlocked the cage. Each time this happened, Mario fled with Donkey Kong to a new location, locking the ape up once again. Eventually, in Donkey Kong II, Mario began using chains to lock up the ape. Eventually, Jr. was able to free his father and Mario fled from the angry Donkey Kong, leaving him in the jungle.

Super Mario Bros. PlumbingEdit

Abandoning carpentry and leaving Donkey Kong to his own devices, Mario entered the plumbing business with Luigi and formed Mario Brothers Plumbing as revealed in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The pair worked on plumbing from the business's headquarters, performed house calls, and also released a line of products. As the years passed, they remained financially unsuccessful, but gained a reputation for their plumbing skills and were recognized by the Grand Order of Plumbers as Plumbers of the Year in "Plumbers of the Year" despite an embarrassing appearance on David Horowitz's worldwide television show that ruined the reputation of their product line in "The Marios Fight Back"

Mario and Luigi had a variety of mainly benign adventures. For example, in "Texas Tea" the brothers became rich from an oil well in their tomato garden. However, they were endangered on several occasions, such as in "Slime Busters" when the brothers were attacked by Slime Ghosts. Despite their adventures, Mario confided to Luigi in "Baby Mario Love" that he was dissatisfied with his current life, complaining it lacked glitz and glamor.

Two conflicting stories of how the Mario Bros. returned to Mushroom World exist. The first originates from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! introduction and later expanded on in "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel." Mario and Luigi were performing a house call for a slightly daft lady who hired them to fix her bathtub drain. Unknown to them, the drain was a Warp Zone connected to the Mushroom World. After Luigi cleared it, Mario and Luigi were sucked towards the drain. Mario grabbed onto the shower curtain bar, but Luigi was already in the drain's suction. Grabbing unto Mario, Luigi ended up pulling both of them down. Later, Mario and Luigi were forced to relive this event due to Kooky von Koopa's Time Travel Tube. The events were slightly altered. Instead of struggling against the drain, Mario and Luigi openly jump through the pipe. The two were warped from the past Earth to the present Mushroom World, ending the process of overwritting past events.

The second was invented for "The Legend." While Mario ate lunch one day in Mario Brothers Plumbing, the brothers heard a cry for help through a very small pipe. Springing into action, they grabbed their plungers and followed the voice, which they later learned belonged to Princess Toadstool.

Rescuing the Mushroom KingdomEdit

Mario and Luigi emerged in a dark, underground sewer in the Mushroom World in Mario Bros., Return of Mario Bros., Punch Ball Mario Bros., Mario Bros. Special and the Super Mario Advance remake. Once there, they were immediately attacked by a variety of enemies, including Shellcreepers, Spinies, Sidesteppers, Fighter Flies, and Freezies. They fought through phase after phase of these creatures, finally emerging in the Mushroom Kingdom. In the Super Mario Advance remake, they narrowly avoided Bowser in the sewers. While in the sewers, Mario and Luigi encountered a variety of objects as well, including Starmen and Hearts.

The Mario Bros. found the Mushroom Kingdom in a state of despair in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. Special. Koopa Troop soldiers, such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Hammer Bros. patrolled the streets and immediately began to attack them. Most of the kingdom's inhabitants had been transformed into ? Blocks, weeds, and, as revealed in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, stone. Mario and Luigi discovered that Princess Peach Castle and the Mushroom King had been locked away by Bowser, and that the kingdom's only hope for redemption was to restore Peach to her reign. This would enable her to use her magic to restore her people.

Mario and Luigi fought through the eight worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom in an attempt to reach her. At the end of each world they entered the castle from which the Koopa Troop was controlling it and defeated a False Bowser with Fireballs or by cutting the bridge it was standing on with an ax. Each time they did so, one of the seven Mushroom Retainers informed them that Peach was in another castle. Finally, Mario and Luigi entered Bowser's Castle in World 8. After navigating the mazes and traps, the brothers defeated Bowser and rescued Princess Peach.

Fleeing from Bowser and RetaliatingEdit

However, the brothers were unable to restore Peach to her throne according to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!!. When Bowser and the Koopa Troop gave chase, they were forced to abandon World 8 and flee with the princess. They were joined by Princess Peach's longtime friend and protector, Toad. With their new friends, the Mario Bros. searched many locations in the Mushroom World for a power that would free the Mushroom Kingdom from afar while evading Bowser and his troops. The last episode of the show, "Robo Koopa," ends without revealing whether the Mushroom Kingdom was freed of Bowser's spell before Bowser's next invasion.

In Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Bowser kidnapped the princess again. Mario and Luigi once again came to her aid, traversing eight new worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue her. The brothers' adventure was much more difficult than their first. Not only were enemies more powerful, but there were strong gusts of wind to deal with. Additionally, Poison Mushrooms were now present in ? Blocks, hindering their progress. Eventually, after defeating seven more False Bowsers, Mario and Luigi found the real Bowser in World 8-4. Defeating him, they rescued the princess and finally returned peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Liberating SubconEdit

SMB2 Door

Mario exiting a Subcon door

One evening, during the events of Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario dreamed that he was ascending a staircase leading to a door. The door opened and he looked out upon the land of dreams, Subcon. A faint voice informed him that the tyrant Wart had taken control of the land. Wart had achieved this with the help of the 8 bits and by casting a spell upon the majority of those who lived in Subcon that placed them under Warts control. Additionally, he created the Nightmare Machine, a device that created additional monsters. Just after the voice mentioned that Wart hated Vegetables, a bolt of lightning flashed in front of Mario, and he lost his footing. As Mario fell, he woke up in his bed.

The hero could not clear his head of the dream, so he decided to talk to Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad about it. They decided to go on a picnic together on a nearby mountain. Once there, they discovered a cave and went exploring. Inside the cave was a staircase just like the one in Mario's dream. The four climbed up to find a door just like the one in Mario's dream. Fearful, they opened the door and entered Subcon.

Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad set out to free the captive world. Mario was the most balanced of his friends in terms of abilities: he is second most powerful, second fastest, and second highest jumper. Together, the team traversed the seven worlds of Subcon, toppling Wart's generals as they went. Their enemies could not be defeated using their traditional jump. Instead, they had to pick up Vegetables, pieces of the environment, or other enemies and throw them at enemies to defeat them. They encountered Birdo the most of all the generals, as she held the Crystal Balls that could open each of the Hawkmouths, doorways to the next part of each world. The doorway to each new world was protected by one of Warts generals. Mouser, Tryclyde, and Fryguy, members of Bowser's Koopa Pack in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, now worked for Wart. Finally, the four heroes reached the sky, where Wart had built his massive castle. They fought their way to the Nightmare Machine chamber and cornered Wart. There, he fought the heroes. Remembering the faint voice's last words, they tossed Vegetables into Warts mouth, defeating him.

The heroes opened a vase which was being used as a prison for the Subcon and freed Wart's captives. With Wart's reign ended, the spell was broken and peace was restored. A celebration was held in the four heroes honor, and suddenly, Mario woke up. This time, he was not disturbed by his dream, soon went peacefully back to sleep. To this day, the true nature of Mario's dream is a mystery.

Restoring the Mushroom WorldEdit

With the Mushroom Kingdom now completely free of Bowser's tyrany, the land had now finally returned to peace. However, during the events of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario All Stars, and Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, the seven countries in the Mushroom World were being attacked by Bowser's Koopalings. The Koopa king had commanded them to make mischief in the Mushroom World. The seven Koopalings each went to one of the seven countries and attacked their kings. Stealing the kings' royal Magic Wands, they transformed each of the kings into an animal.[2] The king of Grass Land's Toad assistant quickly reported Larry Koopa's attack to Princess Peach.

Hearing of the Mushroom World's dire situation, Mario and Luigi took it upon themselves to recover the magic wands and restore the kings to their original forms. Princess Peach and Toad wished them good luck as the brothers left for their next adventure.[2] Mario and Luigi fought their way through countless enemies in Bowser's army blocking their way to the castles in each country. Each time they reached a castle, the Koopaling controlling it would flee into his or her airship. Mario and Luigi were forced to chase the Koopaling around the world until finally raiding the Airship and defeating Bowser's minions within. After recovering each magic wand and restoring each of the seven kings, Mario and Luigi receieved a letter from Bowser: while the Mario Bros. were away, Bowser had kidnapped the princess and taken her to Bowser's Castle deep within the Dark Land.

Mario and Luigi met with their toughest challenges yet. Bowser had prepared an expansive, modern military, complete with tanks, airships, and ships capable of withstanding the lava that flowed throughout the world. The brothers were never safe: three Hand Traps were prepared to pull them into dangerous areas where they faced multitudes of enemies and hazards. Finally, they reached Bowser's Castle and cornered Bowser. The king attacked by creating holes in the floor and sending out fireballs. The brothers could defeat him by using Hammers or fireballs if they had the appropriate power-ups. However, Bowser eventually defeated himself by falling into one of his own pits. Mario and Luigi rescued Princess Peach, who joshed them, saying, "Thank you. But our princess is in another castle!... Just kidding. Ha ha ha! Bye bye!"

Adventures in Dinosaur LandEdit


Mario on the map of Yoshi's Island.

Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach took a vacation to the strange Dinosaur Land during the events of Super Mario World. As soon as they arrived, they realized nobody was there. Luigi noticed a mysterious feather. After he and Mario touched it, he donned a cape and was able to fly. The brothers experimented with this new ability, but once they returned, Peach was missing. Mario and Luigi went to Yoshi's house and read a letter saying that he and his friends had been kidnapped by Bowser, who also made off with the Princess. The heroic plumbers immediately set out to save them, faced many strange new enemies along with their old foes, including the Koopalings (each of whom was guarding a captured Yoshi Egg).

Using the help of the Yoshis and their long enemy-swallowing tongues, Mario finally liberates Dinosaur Land and all those who had been taken captive by Bowser. Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi celebrated the rest of the vacation at Yoshi's House, watching the seven Yoshi Eggs hatch. It was then the cave people came out of hiding and congratulated the Brothers. However, Bowser was still up to his evil schemes, as seen in the Super Mario World cartoon.

Mario and the Seven Koopa HotelsEdit

Both Mario and Luigi received an invitation from Princess Peach for a picnic during the events of Hotel Mario. Both went to the Mushroom Kingdom, only to find a note written by Bowser stating that he and the Koopalings had turned the Kingdom into their own personal resorts and retained Peach as a "permanent guest" in one of his seven Koopa Hotels. After destroying most of the Koopaling hotels, Mario fought Bowser in his own hotel and defeated him. He then received a kiss from Princess Peach, then congratulated the player as 'The best ever'.

Sharp ShootingEdit

YSafari Mario

Mario in Yoshi's Safari.

Mario used an energy gun called a Super Scope during the events of Yoshi's Safari. Bowser takes over the kingdom of Jewelry Land and steals twelve magical gems. This caused a disturbance in the ground and caused Jewelry Land to split into the Light Realm and the Dark Realm. Princess Peach's good friend, Prince Pine and his father, King Fret, are in trouble along with their kingdom. Mario, riding Yoshi, headed for Jewelry Land with the new weapon Princess Peach gave them.

Mario and Yoshi, riding through many unexplored stages, fought Bowser's Koopalings. Mario wasn't the only one with weapons as each of them possessed their own special weapon. Bowser, all geared up, fought Mario using many cheap tricks such as throwing bombs. Nevertheless, Mario and Yoshi beat him and saved another kingdom of the Mushroom World.

Where's Mario?Edit

Mario was the one needing rescue during the events of Mario is Missing!, which strangely takes place in the Real World. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi went to stop all his Koopalings from stealing valuable landmark artifacts from famous Earth cities, which Bowser needed to fund his plan: he wanted the to buy hair dryers to melt Antarctica and flood the world. The Hafta Havit Mail-Order was his source of hair dryers.

Luigi, scared to go into Bowser's Castle, stayed behind with Yoshi, however Mario then got kidnapped. Using the skills of deduction, Mario was saved and Bowser was launched to the center of Antarctica and split in two (although the game's place in the timeline, if it even happened, is questioned. Also, different versions of the game have different endings, Bowser's death being exclusive to the SNES version).

Journey Back in TimeEdit

Mario went to the Real World back in time during the events of Mario's Time Machine. Note that the game is very different for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Bowser stole valuable artifacts from the past in the Real World to build a great "Museum". He, however doesn't realize that it might alter the present forever if not returned immediately. Mario had to stop Bowser from stealing more artifacts and returned the ones he already has to their proper locations, using his own Time Machine. In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, Mario was accompanied by Yoshi, but in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Yoshi didn't appear at all.

Mario first went to Bowser's Museum in Bowser's Castle and took back all the artifacts he has stolen. After meeting many historical figures and returning the artifacts to their proper places, Mario went to stop Bowser. Mario ended up victorious and the world is saved by Mario.

New Rival?Edit


Mario's sprite in Super Mario Land.

Mario received a distress signal from the distant land of Sarasaland during the events of Super Mario Land. The princess of Sarasaland, Princess Daisy was captured by the purple alien Tatanga. Tatanga had also taken many of its residents captive. Mario got to use many new vehicles such as the Sky Pop and Marine Pop on his adventure. Mario saved Princess Daisy after defeating Tatanga and returned back to his home in the Mushroom Kingdom. But while he was saving Sarasaland, a doppelgänger of Mario called Wario seized Mario's Castle.

Mario tried to return to his castle (which he doesn't know that it is under Wario's control yet) during the direct sequel, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. He had to travel through many lands and fight many bosses which strangely weren't there on his way to Sarasaland. Mario finally got to his castle and fought Wario. After being defeated, Wario revealed that the events in Super Mario Land and all the bosses in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins were planned and hired by him. Mario then engaged Wario in battle. He defeated the greedy Wario after an intense battle and won back his castle.

Dimension InvasionEdit


Mario in his first "3D" game.

Mario battled strange machine-like creatures from another dimension during the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Many things have changed, Mario even gets his own house. Mario first went to confront Bowser who had again captured Princess Peach (which by now is a recurring event). Mario walked to Bowser's Keep (Bowser's Castle) which is strangely located near Mario's Pad in this game. Mario battles Bowser atop a Kinklink and rescues Peach. Then a huge sword called Exor struck the castle from atop and knocked them all to various spots in the Mushroom Kingdom. Fortunately, Mario fell through the Pipe on top Pipe House (Mario's Pad) and landed right on his bed.

Mario discovered that the Star Shards that grants dreams had been stolen by a group called the Smithy Gang run by Smithy. These criminals had not only stolen the Star Shards, they had caused much trouble to the Mushroom Kingdom. On this quest Mario was joined by Mallow, Geno, Peach, and even Bowser. They traveled through much of the Mushroom Kingdom in search of the Star Shards protected by the Smithy Gang's strongest members. After all Star Shards were collected, Mario had to go to Smithy's dimension and fight him once and for all. Mario of course had to reach it through Bowser's Keep which was inaccessible when Exor destroyed the bridge. With the help of Mallow's parents, King and Queen Nimbus, Mario had passage through a special cloud bus. When they finally got there, Mario defeated Exor and went to Smithy's dimension via Exor's mouth.

Mario's journey wasn't over as Smithy had even more minions at his disposal. After many grueling battles Mario faced Smithy, who was inevitably defeated and once again the Mushroom Kingdom was saved by Mario.


Mario as he appears in Super Mario 64.

Castle RescueEdit

Mario went to Princess Peach's Castle during the events of Super Mario 64. Mario goes to Princess Peach's Castle after he received an invitation to eat cake. Upon entering the door, he heard Bowser's voice and learned that the Princess has been captured again. Mario entered the Painting Worlds created by Bowser's magic and saved some of the Power Stars that he scattered. With the help of the Toads advice, he finally collected enough Power Stars and faced Bowser for the last time. Using his new tail-tossing skill he hurled Bowser into a spiked bomb and ended his terrible reign. Princess Peach thanked him with a kiss and finally bakes him that cake.

Another Castle RescueEdit


Mario and others to the aid of Peach.

In the game's remake, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario was joined by Luigi and Wario, instead of traveling to the castle alone. They were invited to the castle for cake and in excitement, they rushed to the castle. Yoshi saw them go inside and wondered why they hadn't come out yet. Yoshi then went inside the castle and searched for keys to the three locked doors holding them captive. He saved Mario, who then eventually saved the other two.

Using their unique abilities, they rescued many Power Stars and defeated Bowser's minions. After they collected enough Power Stars, only Mario could face Bowser for the third last time. Princess Peach kisses Mario and decides give Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario the cake she had promised them.


Mario from Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Back with the CrewEdit

Mario had to brandish his infamous Hammer during the events of Wrecking Crew '98. Mario came back to the Mushroom Kingdom from one his quests and discovers that it was overrun with many of Bowser's new fortresses. The result of all this construction was a withering Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario decided to stop Bowser by destroying his buildings. Foreman Spike also made a reappearance, this time helping Bowser. His trusty Hammer was a great help on this adventure, as it helped him wreck and destroy Bowser's many new fortresses. The heroic plumber defeated all his foes and the Mushroom Kingdom was saved yet again.

Paper QuestEdit

Mario Paper

Mario in his more "paper-like" form.

Mario once again is invited to Princess Peach's Castle during the events of Paper Mario. However, this time Mario is invited to a party in the castle. Mario had rushed to the castle, made his way through the bustling party guests, and was chatting with Princess Peach in the throne room. However, Bowser and Kammy Koopa broke in to the castle through the window and using the power of the Star Rod, defeats Mario. He then usurped the castle bringing it high in the air and then tossed Mario out of the shattered window. Mario landed in a small jungle located on the outskirts of Goomba Village. Goombas , being a proficient enemy in many of his quests, surprised Mario with their hospitality. Mario gave his many thanks and headed back to Toad Town via Goomba Road, together with the Goomba's families eldest child, the young adventurer Goombario.

Mario heard a Star Spirit called Eldstar asking for his help. The Star Spirit requested that he speak to him on Shooting Star Summit, in which he had more strength to speak better. Once there, Mario met many other Star Spirits asking for his help. He learned that Bowser had imprisoned them in special cards and has given them to his strongest minions. Mario then set out a quest in search of the Star Spirits. Mario made many new friends and partners on his long grueling journey and eventually collected all seven Star Spirits. Mario returned to Shooting Star Summit where he gained access to Star Way. Mario acquired a new ability called Star Beam and was transported to Bowser's Castle from the Star Shrine. While Mario and his team were at Bowser's Castle, they saved the many prisoners and fought Bowser at the top of the castle.

Using his dirty tactics, Bowser broke all routes of escape and used his Star Rod to fight. Mario and the team could not defeat Bowser while he was using the Star Rod, so they instead used Star Beam to weaken his power. The reluctant Bowser was unaffected by it and shook the beam's power off. Watching the team's defeat, Peach asked the people of the Mushroom Kingdom to help Mario and his friends fight through their wishes. Twink helped her convey this message of hope through her wish and suddenly Mario woke up from his fainted status. He recovered all his health and learned a new upgraded version of the Star Beam called Peach Beam. Mario and company, fresh and ready to go, faced Bowser to round two. Mario shot the Peach Beam at Bowser, leaving him defenseless and ready for a fair fight. Mario and his friends defeated the evil Bowser and once again saved the Mushroom Kingdom. The castle returned to ground from whence it came from and another party is held there later. The power of wishes is restored and once again and the Mushroom Kingdom was saved by Mario and company. After a parade led by Luigi, Mario takes Peach to his place where they watch the fire works.


Mario dazed at the end of Luigi's Mansion.

Luigi ShinesEdit

Mario played his second role as damsel-in-distress during the events of Luigi's Mansion. Mario went to check out a mansion that Luigi mysteriously won. There, a huge Boo called King Boo overpowered Mario with his many Boos and imprisoned him within a portrait. King Boo was apparently mad at Mario for harassing his kind during his past adventures. Luigi came later to find out why his brother didn't come back. Luigi overcomes his cowardice and finally captured all Boos using his Poltergust 3000. He then faced King Boo, who had possessed a Bowser suit. After he defeated King Boo, Luigi took Mario's portrait and reverted the plumber back to his original form, using Professor Elvin Gadd's Portrificationizer in reverse.

Vacation TimeEdit


Mario with FLUDD on his back.

After Luigi saved him from the painting he was imprisoned in by King Boo, Mario took a well deserved vacation with Peach and Toadsworth during the events of Super Mario Sunshine. Upon arriving on the Pianta populated Isle Delfino however, Mario was branded a criminal. Apparently, an impersonator of Mario called Shadow Mario had been vandalizing Isle Delfino with a strange type of slime called Goop. Confused, Mario took a defensive hearing of his so called "crime". Using a smart portable water pump named FLUDD, Mario had to clean the whole island of Goop and return the Shine Sprites back to the Shine Gate. During this adventure, Mario also saved the many Yoshi sub-species of Isle Delfino. Mario started cleaning up the isle and found out who his impersonator was. It was Bowser Jr., Bowser's youngest son. He kidnapped Princess Peach and took her to the volcanic Corona Mountain. After Mario defeated Shadow Mario in Episode 7 of every level, Bowser Jr. flooded Delfino Square. Mario went to Corona Mountain and Bowser and son, bathing in a tub of hot Slime Goop. Flipping the tub upside down, they fell and Isle Delfino was saved. Mario then was finally able to enjoy his vacation with Peach and the others.

The Power of BrothersEdit


Mario in a standing posing.

After Mario's vacation, Mario ventured with his brother Luigi through strange lands during the events of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. An ambassador from the Beanbean Kingdom came to visit Princess Peach. However, the ambassador was actually a fake and was one of the most wanted criminals in the Beanbean Kingdom. Cackletta was this wicked impersonator and stole Princess Peach's voice. Toad came running to Mario's Pad warning him about Princess Peach's voice dilemma. As soon as Mario came out of his bathroom, he sped to the castle passing up his brother. Luigi followed him and there they met Bowser, adding more to their troubles. Mario fought Bowser, but Peach spoke and interrupted their fight. As she spoke, explosives dropped from her mouth and shook up the castle. Bowser, outraged that another villain has stolen his spotlight, suggested that they go to the Beanbean Kingdom with his Koopa Cruiser.

Cackletta's apprentice, Fawful caused the Koopa Cruiser to crash causing Mario and Luigi to land on the Beanbean Borderlands. Mario and Luigi went to the Beanbean Castle after rescuing Prince Peasley from his horrible transformation. After saving Queen Bean, they went to the Beanbean International Airport expecting Princess Peach. Clearing the Airport of a few Piranhas, Peach's Plane landed on the runway. Mario, surprised to see Princess Peach talking in her normal voice, asked how she got her voice back. After the Princess's visit, Princess Peach requested to go to Little Fungitown. During their short stay, she got kidnapped. At Beanbean Castle, they heard from Bowletta (Cackletta's possessive body of Bowser), that the Beanstar has been scattered after the second battle with Popple and Rookie (Bowser as Popple's second-hand man). So Mario headed out to find the four scattered Beanstar Pieces. Going through a long journey around the Beanbean Kingdom, they managed to get all Beanstar Pieces. After that, they returned to the castle, and Bowletta again sent a message to deliver the restored Beanster to Joke's End, with Peach in return. Peasley gave the bros. 99.999.999 Mushroom Coins, which are actually worth 99 Beanbean Coins. Then Mario went to Joke's End to save Peach. They saved her by using a clever trick to let appear a "second" Peach, which actually was Luigi, Bowletta discovered this in her possessed repaired Koopa Cruiser, but Luigi managed to escape. Peace regained.

However, Bowletta also took over Bowser's Castle and attacked the Beanbean Castle Town. Mario and Luigi asked Blanbladon to take them to the flying fortress in the sky. After defeating many Koopalings and strong enemies, they reached the throne room. When they defeated Bowletta she sucked them into her body where they had to fight Cackletta's Spirit. Mario and Luigi finally finished Cackletta and her spirit. They escaped from the crumbling castle in time and saved the Beanbean Kingdom.

Time TravelingEdit


Mario with Baby Mario on his back.

Mario and his brother Luigi took a trip back in time during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Mario and Luigi were at Princess Peach's Castle, watching Princess Peach take a trip to the past using Professor E. Gadd's Time Machine powered by the Cobalt Star. Toadsworth got overworried about the princess' return, and fainted. Mario therefore went over to Toadsworth's Room to get the Refreshroom and revived Toadsworth from his fainted state. However a few minutes later the Time Machine returned, but not with Princess Peach. A large green fungus called the Junior Shrooboid attacks Mario and Luigi. They managed to beat the monster. Afterwards, a Time Hole appeared in the center court of the castle.

Mario and Luigi looked at it in awe, when Toadsworth came and accidentally knocked Luigi into the Time Hole. Mario went in to save him and they went back in time. They landed on the starting road to Hollijolli Village, fighting more and more strange creatures. They saw the village damaged and ruined by many Shroobs and Shroob UFOs. Mario and Luigi helped the Hollijolli Mayor out of a chimney he got stuck in while he was trying to escape. They then got assaulted by a wave of Shroobs and Shroob UFOs. They then left the two brothers lying on the ground. Meanwhile, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi came to their rescue and finished the remaining Shroob foes.

Baby Bowser helped them escape for because of Baby Peach's incessant crying. They boarded his Koopa Cruiser and crash landed into Bowser's Castle as a result of the Shroob UFOs aerial attacks. Mario and Luigi looked for their younger selves and headed for Baby Bowser's room. There, a Time Hole was located and the four Mario Bros. headed back to the Princess Peach's Castle of the future. Professor E. Gadd spoke to them and advises that they go find pieces of the Cobalt Star Shards.

Mario and the others noticed the new Time Holes that sprung up around the castle. They met Toadiko and Toadbert who told them about the Shroobs and the Princess Shroob. They finally collected all five Cobalt Star Shards, and broke the barrier of the Shroob Castle (previously Princess Peach's Castle) and went for the Shroob Princess. The Mario Bros. defeated the Shroob Princess and even the Elder Princess Shroob and prevailed. Professor E. Gadd discovered that the chemical makeup of the babies' tears can revert all of the Shroob's Shroobification. Thus, all the victims of the Shroobs were saved by the four Mario Bros.

Pinball MarioEdit


Mario as a pinball.

Mario became a pinball during the events of Mario Pinball Land. Mario, Princess Peach, and a group of Toads went a fair and were enjoying a day of merriment. Princess Peach rode a special ride, the Air Cannon, made by Professor E. Gadd. The machine turned Princess Peach into a pinball and allowed her play a special pinball game. Two of Bowser's Goombas took advantage of her pinball state and changed direction of the cannon, and shot her to Bowser's Castle.

Mario used the machine to become a pinball and followed Bowser through five different worlds with some Toads trailing behind. The Toads controlled flippers and hit the red-clad hero with them to prevent him from rolling off the course. Mario also had to use the power of the Power Stars to pass each world. Mario used his pinball powers to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach.

Rivalry RevivedEdit


Mario and a Mini Mario Toy.

Mario, the famous superstar of the Mushroom Kingdom, gets his own toy company during the events of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was watching television and saw an ad for the super-famous Mini Mario Toys. Donkey went to all stores, but they were all sold out. Ever so furious and frustrated, Donkey Kong stole the Mini Mario Toys from the Mario Toy Company itself.

Mario attempted to chase his old rival down and saved the Mini Mario Toys. After saving all of his toys and putting them in the Toy Chests, Mario taught Donkey Kong a lesson (but out of pity, gave him a Mini Mario of his own). The Mario Toy Company was then saved by the founder himself, Mario.

The Minis MarchEdit


Mario chasing Donkey Kong.

Mario's Mini Mario Toys were so successful that Mario opened a theme park for them during the events of Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. Mario is launching the opening of the Super Mini Mario World Theme Park along with the new Mini Peach, Mini Toad and Mini Donkey Kong toys. Pauline made an appearance, having the honor of cutting the premiere ribbon of the Super Mini Mario World Theme Park. Donkey Kong was immediately smitten with her. Donkey Kong ran up to her and presented her with a Mini Donkey Kong toy. She instead accepted Mario's Mini-Mario Toy and Donkey Kong was left heart broken. Donkey Kong kidnapped her and went up the elevator of the Mario Toy Company. Mario sent the small Mini Mario Toys after him and the march of the minis began.

The Mini Mario Toys cleared the paths for Mario, liberating the elevators and allowing Mario to go up floors. When Mario reached the final floor, he saw Pauline sitting in comfort and drinking tea. Donkey Kong came and instead of fighting Mario, felt guilty. Pauline and Mario felt sorry for Donkey Kong so the three celebrated the opening of Super Mini Mario World Theme Park together.

Land of DarknessEdit

Paper Plumber

The "newer" Paper Mario.

Peach asked Mario to come to a land called Rogueport during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She found a treasure map leading to powerful artifacts called Crystal Stars. By the time he gets there, Peach was kidnapped by a group known as the Secret Society of X-Nauts. They needed to use her as a vessel for the Shadow Queen so that the leader of the X-Nauts, Sir Grodus, can use her power to aid him in world domination. Mario met an intelligent Goomba called Professor Frankly. He told Mario the history of Rogueport and revealed the secret of The Thousand-Year Door.

The Shadow Queen once took control of Rogueport, enslaving and killing many of its citizens. To achieve this, she created the Crystal Stars and used them to give her great power. The Four Legendary Heroes used the power of the Crystal Stars against her and she was imprisoned in the Thousand Year Door for a millennium. Mario set out to collect all seven Crystal Stars. Gaining many new partners and finding all Crystal Stars, Mario went through the Thousand Year Door. There he found Sir Grodus standing before the Shadow Queen's room. Mario defeated Sir Grodus, but was then ambushed by Bowser and Kammy Koopa. This gave Grodus time to escape with Peach to the Shadow Queen's room. When Mario got there, Grodus had awakened the Shadow Queen herself, taking control of Peach's body. Mario had to fight her possessed form and using the help of the Rogueport citizens' wishes, Mario prevailed.


Mario tied up by the Army Hammer Bro.

Hero in DistressEdit

Mario was once again a Damsel-in-Distress during the events of Super Princess Peach. Bowser sent an army of Hammer Bros. and Goombas to invade Princess Peach's castle. Mario, Luigi, and the Toads, busy defending the castle, were caught by a bunch of Hammer Brothers. Princess Peach and a special umbrella named Perry given to her by Toadsworth, escaped in the nick of time. Mario and the others were sent to Vibe Island, the source of the enemies power. There they had no power to escape so Princess Peach went there to rescue him. Princess Peach defeated Bowser using her new "emotional" powers and this time, was the hero. Towards the end when Mario is rescued, he picks Peach into his arms and gives her some flowers.

Father and SonEdit

Mario went back to his side scrolling roots during the events of New Super Mario Bros. Surprisingly, Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser Jr., not Bowser. Mario and Princess Peach were taking a stroll around Princess Peach's Castle. On their way back, the castle was struck by lightning, possibly from Lakithunder. Mario rushed to the castle being distracted and forgetting about Princess Peach. Princess Peach was then captured by Bowser Jr. and Mario gave chase.

Mario had his classic battle with Bowser at the end of the first world, dropping him into the lava . The reluctant Bowser Jr., took Princess Peach through eight different worlds. Mario finally confronted the undead King Koopa who had become Dry Bowser, who was then defeated again. Bowser Jr. later tossed his father's skeletal ramins into a cauldron and revived Bowser to his natural self and they both battled Mario together. Mario emerged victorious and received a kiss from Princess Peach.

Flipped OutEdit


Mario, with his Pixl, Tippi.

Mario and Luigi were once again called into action in Super Paper Mario. Mario and Luigi sit in their house one day when they hear the news that Princess Peach has been kidnapped. The Mario Bros. rush to Bowser's Castle, thinking he has the princess, but he didn't. Later, a strange new enemy named Count Bleck shows up and kidnaps Luigi and Bowser. It also turns out Count Bleck has Princess Peach too.

Mario later goes to the Flipside, a strange town between dimensions. Mario later finds Bowser and Princess Peach who decide to join with Mario in his quest to stop Count Bleck. Mario must go through eight chapters to get eight Pure Hearts. Mario also encounters new enemies like O'Chunks, Dimentio, Brobot, Mimi, Nastasia and even his brother Luigi; now called Mr. L because Nastasia, an assistant of Count Bleck, brainwashed him (however he joined Mario once freed by Dimentio and sent to The Underwhere).

After collecting the eight Pure Hearts, Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi and some Pixls face Count Bleck. After defeating Bleck, Dimentio, a former minion of Bleck, turns on him and teleports him to Dimension D to deal with him later. Then Dimentio, the Chaos Heart and Luigi merge together to form Super Dimentio as the final boss. After defeating Super Dimentio, Count Bleck and Tippi get married to stop the Void.

A Chase of Galactic ProportionsEdit


Mario blasting from a Launch Star.

During the night of the Star Festival, Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach telling him that she is waiting for him at the castle and wants to give him something. Suddenly, Bowser invades, turning the festival into chaos. He captures Princess Peach by ripping the castle from it's foundation, lifting it into space. Mario makes to the castle in time as it is lifted up trying to protect Peach. Mario then is blasted off the castle by Magikoopa, and wakes up on the "Gate to the Starry Sky." He meets Princess Rosalina, who lends him a white Luma, who gives him the ability to spin. This was the same Luma Peach was holding at the star festival.

After retrieving the first Grand Star, Mario is transported to the Comet Observatory, which acts as a hub area. After retrieving six Grand Stars, he is able to travel, with the help of Rosalina, to the center of the universe, where Bowser is planning to take over the universe with his Galactic Reactor. Mario and Bowser then battle as Bowser Jr. holds Peach captive. After defeating Bowser, Mario retrieves the seventh and final Grand Star and saves the Princess as she was falling from Bowser Jr.'s airship. Suddenly, the Sun explodes and transforms into a black hole, sucking in everything in the universe including the castle and the observatory. The white Luma is also sucked in, saddening Mario greatly. Fortunately all the Lumas together destroy the black hole, scattering the galaxies and planets to where they were. Soon Mario wakes back up and finds himself back in Mushroom Kingdom with Peach, Bowser, and other characters he had met during his travels. It is showed in the end that Mario's Luma is alive and happy on a planet.

Back to his old roots once moreEdit

Mario will be returning to his side-scrolling roots once again in the Wii title, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. So far, there's no information about the storyline for this game.

Another Galactic AdventureEdit

SMG2 Mario Yoshi

Mario & Yoshi, soaring in the sky.

Mario will be appearing in the sequel of Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2. As of now, there's no information about the game's story, but some of the elements from the game's predecessor do come back.

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